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Arts union slams UK government for ‘cultural vandalism’ amid theater crisis
The UK’s theater industry has been hit by a “perfect storm” that will “turn into a tsunami” of close to 3,000 job losses without direct government intervention, the head of the Broadcasting, Entertainment, Communications and Theater Union (Bectu) warned.
Argentina's economic crisis poised to go from bad to worse
Argentina was facing a third year of recession in 2020 even before the coronavirus hit. Now with the pandemic's economic shock, some analysts foresee a record contraction in the crisis-prone country.
Overconsumption must be addressed to solve climate crisis
Over-consumption and affluence need to be addressed to solve the climate crisis, according to a new report that was published recently.
Study reveals why large groups of humans are hopeless in crisis
Humans are social animals and that's usually a good thing. But while there might be safety in numbers under some circumstances, new psychological research suggests human connection isn't always a good thing.
Climate crisis making world’s forests shorter and younger, study finds
Climate breakdown and the mass felling of trees has made the world’s forests significantly shorter and younger overall, an analysis showed.
Amazon hit from all sides as crisis highlights growing power
As Amazon becomes an increasingly important lifeline in the pandemic crisis, it is being hit with a wave of criticism from activists, politicians and others who question the tech giant's growing influence.
Tech giants thriving in a crisis
Much of the world is in lockdown, consumer spending has plummeted, and many businesses are on the verge of bankruptcy.
Analyst: Virus crisis may spur more Hollywood studio mergers
“We have a strong belief that the production and distribution of media content will be permanently changed by this crisis,” Michael Nathanson wrote about the coronavirus pandemic in a report entitled, ‘Say Goodbye to Hollywood’.
Milan seeks to prevent post-crisis return of traffic pollution
Milan is to introduce one of Europe’s most ambitious schemes reallocating street space from cars to cycling and walking, in response to the coronavirus crisis.
Still possible to help environment amid COVID-19 crisis
Even as millions of people stay at home due to the novel coronavirus, there are still important ways to help protect the environment, according to an environmental NGO.
UK financial services looked gloomy even before COVID-19 crisis
Britain’s financial services sector suffered a drop in profits and a spike in bad debts even before the coronavirus prompted a countrywide lockdown.
Chile drought causing water shortage amidst virus crisis
With historically low river flows and reservoirs running dry due to drought, people in central Chile have found themselves particularly vulnerable to the coronavirus pandemic.

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