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Japan invents bags deer can eat after plastic-related deaths
The famed deer that roam the city of Nara, in Japan, no longer face discomfort — or far worse — after local companies developed a safe alternative to the plastic packaging discarded by tourists that often ended up in the animals’ stomachs.
Chased by leopard, deer crashes through roof in Mumbai slum
Escaping a furious chase by a leopard down a hillock, a large spotted deer fell on a slum roof, crashed through it and landed in the tiny single room of the bewildered family of Savita Singh, officials said.
Nine deer at famed park in Japan die after eating plastic bags
Nine deer at a famed park in western Japan have died recently after swallowing plastic bags.
Deer meat from contaminated Quebec farm released for human consumption
Canadians are being warned about the spread of a deadly animal disease that has the potential to infect humans especially after some of the animals were released for human consumption.
Crowdfunding brings life-saving water to Myanmar's deer
A herd of endangered deer wait under the shade of one of the sparse trees in this parched central Myanmar landscape, watching as rangers dispatch drinking water — a life-saving resource funded by wellwishers across the country.
Fossil of prehistoric deer found in Argentina
The well-preserved fossil of a prehistoric deer has been discovered just to the north of Buenos Aires, the La Matanza University revealed on Monday.
Driver discovers deer he collided with inside car engine
A driver got the shock of his life when he found a runaway deer he had just collided with — sitting inside his car engine — 30 minutes later.

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