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Climate change could raise risk of congenital heart defects
More babies could be born with heart defects in the future as global warming puts pregnant women at greater risk of exposure to dangerously high temperatures, new research suggested.
Epilepsy drug raises risk of birth defects
Women on a powerful epilepsy drug have not been warned about the dangers of taking in during pregnancy, a survey found.
Vitamin B3 may prevent miscarriages and birth defects
Taking Vitamin B3 could prevent miscarriages and birth defects, a study on mice suggested.
French drug behind 'severe birth defects' in thousands of kids
A common psychiatric medication used for stabilizing the chemical makeup of the brain has caused "severe birth defects" in thousands of French children.
Heart birth defects dropped after folic acid was added to food
The introduction of folic acid-fortified foods in Canada was associated with a decrease in babies being born with heart defects, a new study found.
Three American babies reported with Zika-related birth defects
Three babies have been born in the United States with birth defects linked to likely Zika virus infections in the mothers during pregnancy, along with three cases of lost pregnancies linked to Zika, federal health officials said.

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