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Gold drives toward highest since 2012 on virus resurgence concern
Gold pushed toward the highest level since 2012, lifted by concerns over a second wave of coronavirus infections and growing uncertainty in Hong Kong after China released details of a proposed national security law.
Man drives over dock into canal 10 minutes after passing driving test
A distracted driver plunged his car into a river just 10 minutes after passing his driving test.
Scientists uncover how high-fat diet drives colorectal cancer growth
As cancer death rates drop overall, doctors have noted a frightening anomaly: Deaths from colorectal cancer in people under 55 appear to be creeping up.
'Angel', 80, drives to aid of poor St. Petersburg pensioners
Long retired from her job as a Saint Petersburg trolley driver, 80-year-old Galina Yakovleva still spends her days behind the wheel, but now in a mini-van distributing food to needy pensioners.
Who am I? Hunt for heritage drives Chinese to DNA tests
Chinese executive, Miao Qing, spitted into a specially designed container, destined for a lab where her saliva will be analyzed and sequenced, offering an insight into her genetic makeup and — more importantly — her ancestry.
Hi-res video of city from above on Baltimore police hard drives
Police in the US city of Baltimore have been recording footage of everything happening in the city from the sky since January in a secret program recently exposed.
Mirzajanpour drives Iran’s fine 3-2 finish
Iran completed its matches at the Men’s World Olympic Qualification Tournament with a 3-2 (25-23, 27-29, 21-25, 25-18, 15-8) win over Venezuela at Tokyo Metropolitan Gymnasium on Sunday.

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