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An averted glance gives a glimpse of mind behind eyes
Shakespeare once wrote that the "eyes are the window to your soul." But scientists have found it challenging to peer into the brain to see how it derives meaning from a look into another's eyes.
PTSD: Eyes can reveal previous trauma, study reveals
A person's pupils can reveal if they have suffered a traumatic experience in the past, according to new research.
How often do you blink? Hidden Parkinson’s symptoms in your eyes
Parkinson’s disease is a condition that causes the brain to become progressively more damaged over time, said the NHS. You could be at risk of the neurodegenerative condition if you find that you're not blinking as often as you're used to.
Eyes clean themselves much the same way brains do: Study
Scientists have discovered that eyes and brains in rodents seem to have uncannily similar drainage systems used for self-cleaning, and there's reason to think this might apply to us, too.
Artificial intelligence could serve as backup to radiologists' eyes
Diagnosing emphysema and classifying its severity have long been more art than science.
Testing hearing by looking at eyes
New research introduces an innovative hearing test that may help people who are unable to respond, such as babies or people who have had a stroke. The new test relies on measuring the dilation of an individual's pupils.
Could the eyes predict cardiovascular risk?
Doctors consider a variety of factors to determine a person's risk of experiencing cardiovascular events, including age, smoking history, and blood pressure. But changes to the blood vessels in the back of the eye may make for a more accurate prediction.
PGPIC chief: Iran eyes flotation for two more petrochemical companies
Iran is planning to float two more petrochemical companies in the stock market as it seeks to finance expansion projects in the oil and gas industry amid US unilateral sanctions that have affected government coffers.
Robotics company UiPath eyes headcount over 1,000 people in India
Robotics process automation (RPA) solutions firm UiPath aims to ramp up hiring in India this year to take its headcount to over 1,000 people in the country by the end of the year as it expands its operations in the country.
Japanese robot 'Lovot' eyes launch in US
The 'Lovot' could be the one robot humans do not need to be afraid of.
Your eyes may signal your mental stress level
Pupil dilation - widening of the pupils of the eyes - could be used to indicate levels of stress of a person in a multitasking environment.
Best supplements for eyes: five vitamins and minerals to maintain sharp vision
Best supplements for eyes: When it comes to looking after your eyes, certain nutrients have a particular affinity with eye health. Which vitamins and minerals, available in supplement form, can help boost vision?
Eyes in the sky aim to protect Earth's rainforests, resources
In the Brazilian state of Para, every week, authorities receive alerts showing them which parts of the Amazon forest have been chopped down, with photos to back it up.
Eyes have a natural version of night vision
To see under starlight and moonlight, the retina of the eye changes both the software and hardware of its light-sensing cells to create a kind of night vision.
Esteghlal eyes ACL semis spot in Al Sadd fight
Iranian Persian Gulf Pro League team Esteghlal hopes to reach the AFC Champions League (ACL) semifinals for the second time in its history when it hosts 2011 champion Al Sadd in the first leg of the quarterfinals on Monday.

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