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Displaced Syria teen recreates Lost family home
Among the olive trees in northwestern Syria, displaced teenager Wissam Diab plucks an oud outside his new home, a tent surrounded by luscious plants.
Family stunned to learn their bathroom mirror once belonged to Marie Antoinette
A family was stunned to discover that a mirror hanging in their bathroom once belonged to Marie Antoinette, the last queen of France.
Foreign Ministry pursuing repatriation of bodies of Iranians drowned in English Channel
Iran’s Foreign Ministry said efforts are underway to repatriate the bodies of members of an Iranian family who died trying to cross the English Channel.
British boy sleeps in tent for months in memory of friends
A 10-year-old boy has been sleeping outside in a tent for more than 200 days in memory of two family friends.
Family buy second-hand caravan and discover hidden message left for them inside
A family who bought a caravan discovered a heartwarming note left for them by one of its previous owners.
Family fuming after traveling six hours to beach only to be turned away
A family who traveled for more than six hours to a popular beach were fuming after being turned away by police.
Family cemetery of ancient official excavated in China
Archeologists in northwest China's Shaanxi Province have unearthed a well-preserved, large family cemetery site of an ancient Chinese official in the Sui Dynasty (581-618), the provincial institute of archeology said.
Family organizes birthday parade for WWII veteran
The coronavirus has been hard for retired Lieutenant Colonel Mel Hays and his family in Portland, the US. But, he got to see all of those who loved him for his 98th birthday.
Scots mom surprises kids with incredible car boot cinema after family holiday to Portugal is canceled
A Scots mom transformed her car boot into an incredible home cinema as a surprise for her kids after their family holiday to Portugal was canceled due to coronavirus.
Care home installs glass pods so residents can see family and friends
A care home has come up with an ingenious solution to enable residents to see their friends and family while self-isolating.
Indian home turned into a hospital overnight
Mukul Garg wasn’t too worried when his 57-year-old uncle developed a fever on April 24. Then, within 48 hours, two others in his family of 17 also became ill.
'Hug glove' gives Canada family bit of normalcy in pandemic
A Canadian woman has come up with an ingenious way to safely hug her mother, even during the coronavirus pandemic: the ‘hug glove’, a plastic tarp with four sleeves hanging from a clothesline.
Family history of diabetes linked to increased bone mineral density
The association between type 2 diabetes and increased fracture risk is well documented. However, little was known about the possible effect of family history of diabetes on bone mineral density (BMD).
British teen's family 'heartbroken' after body found in Malaysia
The family of British teenager Nora Quoirin, whose body was found in Malaysia, said their "hearts are broken."
Family embarks on Iran Tourism taking 400 days
An Iranian couple and their two children have embarked on Iran tourism to visit a big portion of the innumerable tourist attractions of the country to take 400 days.

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