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Message in a bottle sparks friendship between girls
A pair of 11-year-old US girls struck up a friendship thanks to a message in a bottle that traveled about 700 miles in just two weeks.
Official: Culture invites humans to peace, friendship
Culture is the most effective element of convergence between nations, through which it invites humans to peace, friendship and goodness, the head of the Islamic Culture and Relations Organization (ICRO), Abouzar Ebrahimi-Torkaman said.
China, West Asia, North Africa stick together, strengthen friendship amid pandemic
Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan noted that the war against COVID-19 is one that all of humanity is facing. He expressed admiration for the heroic efforts through which the Chinese people have defeated the outbreak, adding that China has set a fine example for the world, and its unconditional donations of medical supplies to the world have been a great inspiration to the international community.
'Friendship' groups could help flamingos stay in pink: Study
The sight of tens of thousands of flamingos flocking together to create a huge pink cloud may be one of the wonders of the natural world but research suggests that within these vast congregations, individual birds form intimate, long-lasting friendship groups.
Pennsylvania women find out they're sisters  after 17 years of friendship
A pair of Pennsylvania woman who have been best friends for 17 years said they were shocked to discover after all this time that they are biological sisters.
China's contributions to renovate Myanmar's world heritage site strengthen their friendship
The achievements of a Chinese archeological team carrying out preliminary work to repair temples in Myanmar have made for a great beginning to 2020, which marks the 70th anniversary of China-Myanmar diplomatic ties.
Iran’s envoy: ‘One Belt, One Road’ project strengthens Tehran-Beijing friendship
Iran’s ambassador to Beijing said on Saturday that the ‘One Belt, One Road’ project has strengthened the friendship between Iran and China.
Minister: Cultural cooperation paves way for collaboration in other fields
Mutual cultural cooperation will pave the way for bilateral collaboration in other fields, said the Turkmenistan Culture Minister in Tehran on Sunday.
PM Imran Khan says Pakistanis 'on one page' in seeking friendship with India
Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan says his ruling party and the country's influential military want to mend ties and resolve outstanding disputes with arch-foe India.
Iranian ensemble to echo peace, friendship in India
Kaliveh Music Ensemble (voice of Peace and friendship) will represent Iran at the International festival of folk music in India to once again reverberate Iran's voice of peace and friendship in a 45-minute performance.
Singapore: Iran to sign friendship agreement with ASEAN
Iran will sign a cooperation treaty with Southeast Asia at an upcoming meeting of ASEAN, a Singaporean diplomat said.
Pakistan says Iran is time tested friend
Pakistan Foreign ministry spokesperson says that Iran is a brotherly neighbor and the country has time tested ties with Iran.
Iran-Pakistan border to be border of peace, friendship: Pakistani official
Pakistan’s Army Director General Inter Services Public Relations (ISPR) Major General Asif Ghafoor said mutual measures are taken to promote security at Iran and Pakistan border.

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