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Applying black sesame oil shown to accelerate hair regrowth
Hair loss is fiendishly difficult to reverse, hence the mixed results of treatment interventions. However, natural products have been shown to accelerate hair regrowth, such as black sesame oil.
Taking either of these two pills could increase hair growth
Progressive hair loss has a cosmetic and social impact. Hair undergoes three stages of hair cycle: The anagen, catagen, and telogen phases. Through cyclical loss and new-hair growth, the number of hairs remains relatively constant. A variety of factors, such as hormones, nutritional status, and exposure to radiations, environmental toxicants, and medications, may affect hair growth. According to numerous studies, using either silicon or biotin supplements have shown impressive results in helping to combat hair loss and thus increase hair growth, reported.
One way men could prevent thinning hair, approved by a doctor
Hair loss can damage a person's confidence. Are you feeling the negative effects of thinning hair? Dr. Aragona Giuseppe — the Italian Prescription Doctor — tells it like it is, and uncovers possible treatments you can rely on.
These three ingredients in your diet could help with hair growth
Hair loss involves less volume, more breakage and thinning strands. Eat right, and you may be able to reverse the normal ageing process. Which three foods should you include in your diet?
Hair transplant in Iran, convenient, fast and cheap
Hair transplant is a surgical procedure in which the roots of the hair are transferred from donor unit to recipient unit individually. This is the most general definition of hair transplant. Apart from the fact that this procedure may include other parts of the body except the head, there are numerous tips and points that will be explained to you during hair transplant in Iran .
The weight loss supplement shown to strengthen hair follicles
Hair loss is rarely a cause for concern but it can foster insecurities so treating it becomes a priority for many people. Unfortunately, the market is saturated with sham products so people often turn to cosmetic options. This can be costly and invasive, however. After a spirited attempt to find a solution, many people simply give up.
Pigeons having toes amputated by waste human hair in Paris
Pigeons with mutilated feet are a common sight in cities — and human hair appears to be the grizzly culprit. It turns out that the greater the number of hairdressers on a city block, the more pigeons have missing toes.
Italian museum looks to unlock Da Vinci hair mystery
An Italian museum said it plans to carry out DNA tests on a lock of hair it believes might have belonged to the Renaissance artist Leonardo da Vinci, who died 500 years ago this month.
Researchers regrow hair on wounded skin
By stirring crosstalk among skin cells that form the roots of hair, researchers report they have regrown hair strands on damaged skin. The findings better explain why hair does not normally grow on wounded skin, and may help in the search for better drugs to restore hair growth, said the study's authors.
Why some people are addicted to pulling their hair out
Christina Pearson was 14 years old when she started pulling out her hair, creating bald patches on her head. She was taken to a psychiatrist, but in 1970 there was no name for her disorder, and certainly no treatment.
Ancient armor of fish provide clues to hair, feather development
When sea creatures first began crawling and slithering onto land about 385 million years ago, they carried with them their body armor: Scales. Fossil evidence showed that the earliest land animals retained scales as a protective feature as they evolved to flourish on terra firma.
New study links gray hair with immune system activity, viral infection
A new study on mice offers insights into why some people's hair may turn gray in response to a serious illness or chronic stress.
Eat these 7 superfoods for shiny hair and glowing skin
Superfoods can also ensure healthy skin and hair. Find out the most nutrient-rich foods that need to be part of your daily diet.
Four nutrients you need for fast hair growth
Supplements could help combat nutritional deficiencies and be key to helping your hair grow long and healthy.
Hair dyes could raise risk of breast cancer
Women who frequently dye their hair may be at greater risk of contracting breast cancer, a new study found.

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