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Iran’s RIFF key to undoing hegemony of US films: Canadian journalist
A Canadian journalist and political analyst described the 16th Resistance International Film Festival (RIFF) in Iran as important in the face of the hegemony of American films.
Putin and Xi dashed US hopes of maintaining global hegemony: Scholar
The rise of Vladimir Putin in Russia and Xi Jinping in China has dashed the American Empire’s hopes of maintaining its global hegemony, says Dennis Etler, an American political analyst who has a decades-long interest in international affairs.
New US security strategy seeks to expand American hegemony: Analyst
America’s new national security strategy announced by US Defense Secretary James Mattis is a veiled reference to funding the US military–industrial complex and expanding Washington’s hegemony around the world, says a political analyst in Virginia.
Iran condemns Tillerson's accusations of seeking hegemony
Iran has condemned US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson's accusations that the Islamic Republic had "aspirations of hegemony in the region," saying the remarks violate international laws.
Ashura symbol of refusing hegemony: Activist
For millions of Muslims around the globe, the lunar month of Muharram is a time for remembrance and reflection. Apart from organizing large-scale mourning rituals to commemorate their third Imam, Shia Muslims review the lessons learned from the historic Battle of Karbala and its message for humanity. On this occasion, Press TV has talked to Shabbir Hassanally, an activist and Islamic scholar, about the significance of the event and the values for which Imam Hussein and his companions sacrificed their lives.
Iran to host filmfest with 'Our World Is Beautiful' slogan
Iran will host the 14th Resistance International Film Festival (RIFF), whose slogan this year is 'Our World Is Beautiful'. The festival will focus on the vision of International terrorism and hegemonic regimes while criticizing Wahhabi and Zionist beliefs.
Analyst: Losing hegemony is what the US is coming to term with
The US is trying to oppose and break the counter-US hegemony in the region by backing and funding terrorist groups, a political commentator said.

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