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Sudan joins Academy Awards race for first time in history
For the first time in history, Sudan selected the country’s first Oscars submission.
Man renovating home finds incredible piece of history after pulling up carpet
An Australian man in the midst of a home renovation was completely shocked after making a baffling discovery in his wife's parents' wardrobes.
How 2,000-year-old Roman shipwreck discovery 'redefined' history
Archeologists were stunned by the discovery of Roman artefacts thought to be 2200 years old — and unearthed reports reveal how they help "redefine" our understanding of that period.
World Heritage Day 2020: Significance, history and how to celebrate
April 18 is observed as World Heritage Day to promote cultural heritage via activities which are undertaken by the International Council on Monuments and Sites (ICOMOS). It was in 1982 that the ICOMOS suggested that April 18 be celebrated as the International Day for Monuments and Sites.
Rudisha says back on track, chasing history after losing way
David Rudisha said he is back on track after injuries, partying and a close shave with death in his bid to become the first man to win three successive 800 meters Olympic titles.
Homo erectus skulls discovery in Africa rewrites human history
Ancient skulls found alongside multiple tools in Africa have cast new light on our understanding of early humans.
Archeologists in Turkey discover mysterious ancient kingdom lost in history
It was said that all he touched turned to gold. But destiny eventually caught up with the legendary King Midas, and a long-lost chronicle of his ancient downfall appears to have literally surfaced in Turkey.
Iran welcomes tourists from around the world: Minister
Minister of Cultural Heritage, Tourism and Handicrafts Ali-Asghar Mounesan has, in a statement, described Iran as highly safe and secure, and ready to welcome tourists from around the globe, inviting them to experience a unique journey to the land of history and civilization.
‘Artefact detectives’ in Iraq aim to end the theft of their history
A group of amateur ‘artefact detectives’ in Iraq are on a mission to return countless historical items taken from their country over the years.
Venice devastated by second highest tide in history
Venice’s mayor called the city a disaster zone on Wednesday after the second highest tide ever recorded swept through it overnight, flooding its historic basilica and leaving many squares and alleyways deep under water.
Exercise levels predict lifespan better than smoking, medical history
Wearable activity trackers may pave the way for a better method to predict short term death risk, suggests a new study, which found that exercise data was more accurate than other risk factors, such as smoking and medical history.
Saudi Arabia picks royal as new energy minister
Saudi Arabia has for a first time in history appointed a member of the royal family as the country’s energy minister, a move which could spark concerns about the balance of power in the kingdom and lead to more politicized policy-making in the oil sector.
Humiliated Johnson will inflict one of the biggest parliamentary bloodbaths in history
How can a man who has disunited his own party in just a few months keep the UK United? Boris Johnson has wiped out his own majority. The British Prime Minister suffered a humiliating defeat on Tuesday as parliament, including 21 members of his own party, voted to seize control of the parliamentary agenda.

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