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Hormone that switches off hunger may help treat obesity, study says
The hormone lipocalin-2, found naturally in humans and mice, could potentially treat obesity, a new study found.
Hormone oxytocin causes dogs to pay more attention to smiling faces
A new study of dog-human interactions reveals the importance of the hormone oxytocin to social bonding.
Study finds hormone therapy safe for women with migraines
Migraine headaches are common among women, but due to various health risks can be challenging to treat in the elderly.
Liver-secreted hormone might determine whether you crave sweets
A hormone secreted by the liver might determine whether you crave puddings and other sugar-packed treats.
Age defying hormone could reduce heart disease risk
Diabetics are at greater risk of developing kidney and heart disease as a result of the condition — but now experts believe they could be a step closer to finding a treatment for the complications.
Hormone levels in hair may affect IVF success in women
Levels of a specific hormone measured in hair may alter the likelihood of pregnancy in women undergoing in vitro fertilization, scientists in England suggest.
Hormone therapy for prostate cancer less safe for men with prior heart attack
Men diagnosed with prostate cancer often receive hormone-depleting therapy to help fight the tumor. But a new study suggests that the treatment may pose a risk to men who've previously suffered a heart attack.
Hormone produced by bones improves athletic performance
A protein produced by the bones can rejuvenate the function of muscle, researchers found in experiments with mice, suggesting new ways to increase the amount of exercise people get as they age — which may help keep them healthier.
Liver-generated hormone regulating sweet tooth
A study, led by University of Iowa, in mice shows that a hormone produced by the liver, fibroblast growth factor 21 (FGF21), suppresses the consumption of simple sugars.
Targeting fat-tissue hormone may treat type 2 diabetes
A new study by researchers from Harvard University describes the preclinical development of a therapeutic that could potentially be used to treat type 2 diabetes, fatty liver disease, and other metabolic diseases.
Hormone therapy tied to possible Alzheimer's risk
Hormone therapy for prostate cancer might dramatically increase a man's risk of developing Alzheimer's disease, a large-scale analysis of health data suggested.
Study: Hormone replacement protects women's kidneys
Hormone replacement therapy may be good for a woman's kidneys, a preliminary study suggested.
Hormone might break obesity cycle
As obesity rates for pregnant women continue to climb, scientists at the University of Colorado have discovered that increasing a specific hormone during pregnancy can reduce or eliminate the chances that the baby will become obese as well.
Role of anti-stress hormone in breast cancer risk
A new study from Lund University in Sweden shows that women with low levels of an anti-stress hormone have an increased risk of getting breast cancer. The study is the first of its kind on humans and confirms previous similar observations from animal experiments.
Can hormone, bone tests reflect heart health
Bone loss may be a sign of poor heart health in patients on dialysis, according to a study. Monitoring bone loss in dialysis patients may therefore provide an early alert to physicians concerning cardiovascular problems.

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