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China to impose sanctions on US firms over Taiwan arms sales
China will impose sanctions on Lockheed Martin, Boeing Defense, Raytheon and other US companies it says are involved in Washington’s arms sales to Taiwan, a Foreign Ministry spokesman said on Monday.
Iran to impose new coronavirus lockdowns as cases rise
Iranian President Hassan Rouhani on Saturday authorized the country’s provinces to impose lockdowns wherever necessary to stem a rapid rise in coronavirus cases.
Beijing to impose restrictions on all US diplomats in China
Beijing will impose "reciprocal restrictions" on all American diplomats on Chinese soil in response to curbs on its embassy personnel in the US, China's Foreign Ministry said Friday.
World tourism at a standstill as all countries impose travel restrictions
COVID-19 has placed the whole world on lockdown, with new research from the World Tourism Organization showing that 100 percent of global destinations continue to have restrictions on travel in place, and 72 percent have completely closed their borders to international tourism.
India confident US cannot impose sanctions over S-400
India said it is confident it will avoid US sanctions over its purchase of Russia's S-400 missile system, which has become a lightning rod in American dispute with China and Turkey.
UK should impose sanctions on Saudi Arabia: Labour Party
The opposition Labour Party in the UK says the conservative-led government should consider imposing sanctions on Saudi Arabia over its alleged role in the murder and disappearance of a prominent critic and journalist.
Official: Washington ready to impose naval blockade on Moscow over oil supplies
The US could impose a naval blockade on Russia if necessary to limit its role in controlling global energy supplies, according to a senior US official.
US to impose sanctions on Russia if Syria talks fail: State Dept.
The United States considers imposing more sanctions on Russia, if it fails to come up with a solution to the conflict in Syria, according to a spokesperson.
Iran : Saudi seeks to impose own will on other nations
Following the recent Arab League statement against the Islamic Republic, Iran’s Foreign Ministry spokesman Hossein Jaberi Ansari says Saudi Arabia seeks to impose its own will on other nations to give the impression that Riyadh is not isolated and alone in its policies.
Putin : West can’t impose values on rest of the world
Russian President Vladimir Putin has criticized some Western powers for trying to impose their values and version of “democracy” on the rest of the world.
US impose more sanctions on Russia over Syria
The United States has imposed more sanctions against Russia for supporting the Syrian government, while Moscow has denounced the move, saying Washington is playing “geo-political games”.
Araqchi: Iran to quit talks if others impose will
A senior Iranian nuclear negotiator says Iran will quit the nuclear talks with the P5+1 should the other parties try to impose their will on the Islamic Republic.
Republican senators urge Obama to 'impose a far greater cost on Putin'
Two Republican senators have called on US President Barack Obama to “impose a far greater cost” on Russian President Vladimir Putin by providing Ukrainian forces with weapons.

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