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Study provides valuable insights on effects of APOE gene on health and disease
From Alzheimer's to obesity, life can change dramatically if you discover you have a genetic risk of disease.
Research on British teeth unlocks potential for new insights into ancient diets
Goofy, yellow and crooked: British smiles have sometimes had a less-than-flattering international image, but a new study has put tartar from their infamously bad teeth to good use.
New insights into contribution of land ice to sea level rise
A new study led by scientists from the University of Bristol has provided an up-to-date insight into the impact of melting land ice on sea levels.
New cellular insights in bone development
Most of us don't think about our teeth and bones until one aches or breaks. A team of engineers at Washington University in St. Louis looked deep within collagen fibers to see how the body forms new bone and teeth, seeking insights into faster bone healing and new biomaterials.
Study uncovers new insights into addictions of tumors
Researchers at the Sanford Burnham Prebys Medical Discovery Institute, or SBP, and the University of California San Diego report in a new study that the p62 pathway in tumor stroma could be a potential anti-cancer target.
New DNA insights may lead to cancer therapy
Researchers at Weill Cornell Medicine have developed a better understanding of a complex mechanism that contributes to the growth of telomeres, the repetitive sequences of DNA that protect the end of a cell's chromosomes.

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