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India says local COVID-19 vaccine final trials could end within two months
India’s health minister said a locally-developed COVID-19 vaccine candidate could complete its final trials in a month or two, raising hopes for a rapid rollout in a country with the world’s second highest number of infections.
COVID antibodies 'last at least six months'
Coronavirus antibodies last at least six months and offer protection against a second infection, a study of health care workers suggested.
Morocco’s tourist arrivals drop 78% in first nine months this year
Morocco’s tourism is counting the losses due to the coronavirus pandemic with the number of tourist arrivals plummeting by 78% to 2.2 million in the first nine months of this year.
British boy sleeps in tent for months in memory of friends
A 10-year-old boy has been sleeping outside in a tent for more than 200 days in memory of two family friends.
Study: COVID-19 patients produce 'high-quality' antibodies up to seven months after recovery
People sickened with COVID-19 produce "high-quality" antibodies against the virus five to seven months after they become infected, according to an analysis published by the journal Immunity.
Wildlife emerging months earlier than normal in UK
Wildlife is being confused by “lost” winters in UK, conservationists warn as butterflies, newts and nesting blackbirds are spotted earlier than normal.
For babies, solid food at three months may lead to sounder sleep
Babies who got solid food early were sleeping 17 minutes longer per night than those that had breast-fed through six months of age.
Miniature human brain implants survive, grow inside mice for months
Miniature human brains, or human brain organoids, can survive and grow after being implanted in the skulls of mice. It's the first time human cerebral organoids have been installed inside another species.
Diet plan to help you lose more than 14kg in three months
Weight loss diets can feel like an ordeal, but a new surgery-free gastric balloon could help you shed about 14kg on average, after just three months.
Breastfeeding for two months cuts SIDS risk
The benefits of breastfeeding are well known, but now a new study has found that breastfeeding for two months cuts the risk of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) in half.
Antibody helps keep man's HIV at bay for 10 months
An experimental therapy has held back one man's HIV infection for 10 months, doctors reported.
Israel, New Zealand restore ties after months of diplomatic spat
The Tel Aviv regime and New Zealand have agreed to end a six-month rift in relations sparked by Wellington’s backing of a United Nations Security Council Resolution 2334 against Israeli settlements.
Israeli embassy in Egypt closed for past 5 months
Israel’s embassy in Cairo has been closed for the past five months over alleged security issues in a move described by Egypt as “strange and inexplicable”.
Turkey extends post-coup emergency state for three more months
Turkey’s cabinet has extended a state of emergency in the country for another three months just one day after President Recep Tayyip Erdogan wins a referendum extending his executive powers.

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