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Iran’s parliament panel prepares triple-urgency motion to counter US hostile measures
A triple-urgency motion has been submitted to the Iranian Parliament by one of its major committees to counter the United States’ hostile campaign aimed at renewing all United Nations sanctions against Iran.
Parliament’s committee endorses anti-Israel motion
Iranian Parliament's National Security and Foreign Policy Committee has approved a motion that outlines the manner of confrontation on the national and international scale against Israel’s atrocities.
Iran’s Parliament approves anti-Israel motion
Iran's Parliament unanimously approved a double-urgency motion to confront Israel’s measures against regional and international peace and security.
Iranian MPs approve motion to counteract US blacklisting of IRGC
The Iranian lawmakers passed generalities of a motion to support the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) against a recent decision made by the US administration to label the force as “a terrorist group”.
Motion sickness vs. cybersickness: Two different problems or the same condition?
Contrary to previous research, severe motion sickness and cybersickness — a type of motion sickness that stems from exposure to virtual reality — may be considered the same clinical condition, according to researchers.
Slow motion playback makes football referees harsher
Football referees penalize situations more severely when watching them in slow motion compared to real time, according to a study published in the open access journal of the Psychonomic Society, Cognitive Research: Principles and Implications.
Researchers magnify the brain in motion with every heartbeat
Understanding how the brain moves — at rest and upon impact — has been crucial to understanding brain disorders, but technology to clearly see these movements has lagged behind.
'Gyroscope' molecules form crystal that's both solid and full of motion
Molecular machines, much smaller than single cells, may one day be able to deliver drugs to kill cancer cells or patrol your body for signs of disease.
Vortex photons from electrons in circular motion
Researchers at the International Measurement System (IMS) and their co-workers have shown theoretically and experimentally that a high energy electron in circular/spiral motion radiates vortex photons from the radio wavelength to gamma rays.
How criminals can steal PIN by tracking motion of phone
Hackers are able to decipher PINs and passwords just from the way we tilt our phone when we are typing in the information.
Vortex laser carries computer data in cyclone-like motion
As the rise car ownership and automobile use in the 1950 and 60 necessitated bigger, better roads, increasing broadband use demands more efficient telecommunications technology.
25m Iranians suffer from obesity
A health official said on Tuesday that one in three Iranians (about 25 millions) are overweight or obese.
Iran lawmakers pass single-urgency JCPOA motion
Iranian lawmakers have passed a single-urgency motion that allows the administration to voluntarily implement the July 14 nuclear agreement under certain conditions.

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