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Rain really can move mountains: Study
The capacity of climate to influence tectonics has been of growing interest for over a century. Likewise, the dramatic effect of rainfall on the evolution of mountainous landscapes is widely debated among geologists.
Thousands of lakes in Himalaya Mountains at risk of flooding
Three researchers with the University of Potsdam reported that thousands of natural lakes in the Himalayas are at risk of bursting their moraines due to global warming and causing flooding downriver.
Lost city discovered high up in remote Colombian mountains
Researchers have discovered a previously unknown lost city in Colombia's Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta — an isolated and difficult-to-access mountain range near the country's Caribbean coast where the legend of El Dorado was born.
Hunger for concrete eats away at mountains
Soon, Jamal's voice will no longer ring out over the mountain slopes he's roamed for years with his herd in northern Cyprus.
South-east Asia vows to return mountains of rubbish from west
For the past year, the waste of the world has been gathering on the shores of south-east Asia. Crates of unwanted rubbish from the west have accumulated in the ports of the Philippines, Indonesia and Vietnam while vast toxic wastelands of plastics imported from Europe and the US have built up across Malaysia.
Out of the mountains, out of poverty
Ranagul Karman and her family are settling into their new home in Kashgar in Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region in northwest China.
New research reveals mountains 660 km within Earth
An international study found mountains and other topography in a layer about 660 kilometers underground that separates the upper and lower mantle of the Earth.
Getting high in Laos' opium-riddled mountains
In a hut on the top of a fog-licked mountain in northern Laos, Vo Pali was getting high.
Plants came to land 100 million yrs earlier than previously thought: Study
When life, in plant form, came from seas to barren lands, mountains and hills were rocky crags and lowland plains were dustbowls, and rates of erosion were more than ten times what they are nowadays. As plants further moved onto land, soils developed, and as geological times passed by, soils and plants more and more crept outwards from the seas and increasingly covered the land surface of our cosmic home, giving it familiar shades of green to its continents. But when plants first invaded the land?
Climate change comes to the mountains of Peru
Climate change brought water to the coastal deserts of Peru, letting farms there flourish for decades. But now the rapidly-melting glaciers have shrunk too much — and as the water disappears, the farms it fuels also might, writes Nicholas Casey for the New York Times.
Mountains of garbage, despair in India's dirtiest city (video)
Flies throng over piles of feces, the drains overflow with sewage and the foul smell in the air is inescapable.
How a ring of mountains forms inside a crater
Building mountains in minutes requires deep rocks and a big bang.

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