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A-shaped painting hints at unperceived empathy
A large painting shaped like the letter A is installed in the middle of a dark room at the Arario Museum in Space in Seoul. As gallery visitors walk around the structure and turn each corner, they encounter a different theme.
Painting captures isolation of COVID-19, created in midst of a collective
Music, conversation, weather, travels. They synthesize into our perception of the world, reminding us that we are part of a larger community, even when our world seems to have shrunk to the size of a window pane.
World’s most expensive painting getting Broadway treatment
A new retelling of the drama and mystery surrounding the world's most expensive painting is set to take the stage in New York in 2022 as a major Broadway musical.
Iranian artist advances to finals in UNESCO painting contest
An Iranian artist found her way into the final stage of a painting contest held by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO).
Picasso painting found hidden beneath his famous ‘Still Life’
A hidden drawing by Pablo Picasso was found beneath one of the artist’s abstract paintings, called ‘Still Life.’
Dutch art detective says has 'proof of life' of stolen Van Gogh painting
Dutch detectives are investigating two apparent “proof of life” photographs of a £5m Vincent van Gogh painting stolen from a museum during the coronavirus lockdown.
Da Vinci's $450m Salvator Mundi may finally hang in public
One of art's great modern mysteries involving the world's most expensive painting could soon be resolved.
Mystery solved: How to preserve ‘The Scream’, Munch's iconic painting, for generations to come
Over the last few decades, an unseen enemy has been degrading ‘The Scream’. The famous painting by Edvard Munch represents human anxiety and anguish and feels especially relevant during these uncertain times.
Indian student earns Guinness record for largest spice painting
A university student in India was awarded a Guinness World Record for using spices to create a 588-square-foot painting.
Highly effective method developed to paint complex 3D-printed objects
Engineers in the US have created a highly effective way to paint complex 3D-printed objects, such as lightweight frames for aircraft and biomedical stents, that could save manufacturers time and money and provide new opportunities to create “smart skins” for printed parts.
Local historian unearths valuable Georgian painting
When local historian Andy Craig read a single-line description of a valuable Georgian painting in a dusty old book, he assumed it was a long lost artwork that would never ever be unearthed.
Donated painting turns out to be Dalí’s original artwork
A painting donated to a thrift store in North Carolina and put on sale for just a few dollars turned out to be an original Salvador Dalí which then sold for $1,200.
Public access at last for Canaletto’s painting of ‘Westminster Abbey’
A spectacular but rarely seen Canaletto painting of Westminster Abbey is to go on public display in the building it depicts for probably the first time in more than two centuries.
Painting showing Hitler as Cain displayed in Berlin museum
A 1944 painting by German artist George Grosz that depicts Nazi leader Adolf Hitler as the Bible’s fratricidal Cain went on display at the German Historical Museum in Berlin as part of a new permanent exhibition.

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