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Malaysia's PM faces calls to quit after failed bid for emergency rule
Malaysian Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin faced calls to resign on Monday as doubts swirled over the support that he commands, after the king rejected his request to declare a state of emergency to fight the coronavirus epidemic.
Long-term, frequent phone counseling helps cancer patients who smoke quit
Recently diagnosed cancer patients who smoke are significantly more likely to quit and remain tobacco-free if they receive frequent and sustained telephone counseling, according to a new study led by researchers at Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH).
Iraqi president threatens to quit over pick for PM
Iraqi President Barham Salih refused on Thursday to designate the nominee for prime minister, Asaad al-Edani, saying he would rather resign than appoint someone to the position who would be rejected by protesters.
Iraqis keep up anti-government demos despite PM’s vow to quit
Iraqis kept up anti-government protests in Baghdad and the south on Saturday, unsatisfied with the premier’s vowed resignation and insisting on the overhaul of a system they say is corrupt and beholden to foreign powers.
US defense chief quits after Trump decision of Syria, Afghanistan pullout
US Defense Secretary Jim Mattis resigned Thursday after President Donald Trump ordered a complete troop pullout from Syria and a significant withdrawal from Afghanistan.
Smokers who roll their own cigarettes less likely to quit
While average daily cigarette consumption by roll-your-own users was broadly comparable to that of factory-made cigarette smokers, they only spent around half as much on smoking each week.
One million French smokers quit in a year
France has seen a sharp fall in the number of people smoking daily, with one million fewer lighting up from 2016-2017, a survey suggested.
Cash more effective than e-cigarettes at getting smokers to quit
Vaping has been touted as a way to help smokers quit, but new research finds e-cigarettes and free nicotine replacement products barely move the motivation needle.
Japan defense minister to quit: NHK
Japanese Defence Minister Tomomi Inada will resign, broadcaster NHK said on Thursday, after a series of missteps, gaffes and a suspected coverup that critics say contributed to a plunge in Prime Minister Shinzo Abe's support.
Taliban say US must quit Afghanistan for peace
The Taliban terrorist group warned on Friday against sending more Western troops to Afghanistan, while pledging that it sought only independence and rejecting concerns it would harbor foreign militants.
US to quit Paris climate deal: Trump tells 'confidants'
US President Donald Trump has told “confidants” that he will quit the Paris agreement on climate change, according to three sources with direct knowledge of the issue.
Sessions tells all Obama’s attorneys to quit
US Attorney General Jeff Sessions has asked dozens of attorneys appointed by former President Barack Obama to resign to allow a “uniform” transition to the administration of his successor, Donald Trump.
Romanian gov’t defies calls to quit
Romania's leftist-led government, in power barely a month, rejected calls on Monday to resign after mass street protests forced it to scrap a decree on corruption, but there was confusion over its plans to rewrite the criminal code.
Two female Japanese ministers quit over scandals
Two of Japan’s five female cabinet members have resigned over allegations involving the misuse of election campaign funds as well as violating electoral regulations.

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