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Research shows air pollution could play role in development of cardiometabolic diseases
Air pollution is the world's leading environmental risk factor, and causes more than nine million deaths per year.
Climate Futures research experts to discuss solutions to climate change
The University of Liverpool has launched a new Climate Futures research challenge to bring together experts from a range of disciplines to discuss the solutions to climate change.
Even in dirty air, working out can help cut risk of high blood pressure: Research
Regular exercise can reduce your risk of high blood pressure, even if you live in an area with high levels of air pollution, new research shows.
Study halted into racial profiling by German police
Research planned to investigate alleged racial profiling by German police forces has been canceled, an Interior Ministry spokesman said.
New research shows UAE is winning diabetes fight
The amount of serious illness caused by diabetes in the UAE has dropped compared with other diseases such as cancer, new research has shown.
Research into health system preparedness for cancer and pediatric health care
Australia is at the global forefront of cancer research and the Morrison Government — the federal executive Government of Australia led by Prime Minister Scott Morrison — is committed to consolidating that position, with the Cancer Council NSW to receive funding of more than $3.5 million to research what demand for cancer treatment will look like over the next five years.
Belgian aged 103 walking marathon to raise funds for COVID-19 research
A 103-year-old Belgian doctor is walking a marathon around his garden in daily stages to raise money for research into the new coronavirus, inspired by a centenarian who became a hero in Britain for clocking up the charity miles with a walking frame.
Groundbreaking research rewrites Australia's ancient history
Climate change, not early humans, was likely responsible for the extinction of Australia’s megafauna, according to groundbreaking research that has rewritten the ancient history of the continent.
New research confirms safety, efficacy of children's vaccines
Vaccines for measles, mumps, rubella and varicella (chickenpox) are highly effective and do not cause autism, said researchers who reviewed 138 studies that included 23 million children.
Health minister asks research teams for help in coronavirus fight
Iran’s Minister of Health Saeid Namaki called on medical research and technology teams in his ministry to undertake research into the novel coronavirus that has infected all provinces of the country.
Social media data needed for 'harm' research, say doctors
Leading UK psychiatrists say they will never understand the risks and benefits of social media use on children's mental health unless companies hand over their data to researchers.
Research team identifies potential target for restoring movement after spinal cord injury
Researchers at Indiana University School of Medicine have made several novel discoveries in the field of spinal cord injuries (SCI).
Research highlights potential for CRISPR in fight against antibiotic resistance
Antibiotic resistance has been called a public health crisis. Now, researchers at the University of California San Diego School of Medicine may have identified a new weapon against these deadly bugs, using the powerful CRISPR gene editing tool, called Pro-AG. Their findings were published in the journal Nature Communications.
Patients who plan their death end up living longer, study finds
People who plan their death end up living longer, research suggests.
£55m Anglo-US research can boost early cancer detection rates
Efforts to improve early cancer detection rates have been given a boost with a new major international alliance of researchers backed by £55 million of funding.

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