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Iran’s MPs approve outlines of action plan to counter sanctions
Gov’t spokesman: Parliament cannot deal with nuclear work by itself
China urges US to correct mistake on Venezuela-related sanctions
China urged the United States on Tuesday to correct its mistake and lift all illegal sanctions, after Washington imposed Venezuela-related sanctions targeting a Chinese firm.
Judiciary official: Assassinations, sanctions seek to impede Iran’s progress
The Head of the Iranian Judiciary's High Council for Human Rights Ali Baqeri-Kani said the purpose of the assassination of the Iranian elites and sanctions against Iranians is to prevent the Iranian people from progress.
Unilateral sanctions symbol of ‘crime against humanity’: Iran
Iran’s UN ambassador denounced as a “crime against humanity” the unilateral sanctions imposed by self-proclaimed Western advocates of human rights on certain countries, calling on the international community to take immediate action to help lift the restrictive measures.
Iran’s economy to grow 1.8% if sanctions remain under Biden: IIF
The Institute of International Finance (IIF) announced that Iran’s economy will resume its positive growth next year even if sanctions imposed by US President Donald Trump remain in place under President-elect Joseph Biden.
Iran emerges victorious from three-year economic war: Rouhani
Iran has emerged victorious from a three-year economic war imposed by a “bullying power”, President Hassan Rouhani said Thursday in reference to the United States, adding the administration of President Donald Trump who waged that war will soon “be thrown into history’s dustbin”.
Iran: US sanctions ‘clear symbol of crimes against humanity’
Iran’s Ambassador to the United Nations Majid Takht-Ravanchi referred to US sanctions as an obstacle for Tehran in its fight against the coronavirus describing them as crimes against humanity.
Rouhani says ‘easy to resolve’ Iran-US issue
President Hassan Rouhani said Wednesday tensions with the United States are “very easy to resolve" provided that the next US administration returns to its commitments under the 2015 Iran nuclear deal.
Iran sees foreign firms returning if US lifts sanctions
Iran expects foreign companies to return to the country if US sanctions are lifted under President-elect Joe Biden and some firms have made initial contacts already, government spokesman Ali Rabiei said on Tuesday.
Leader: Sanctions crime of US, European partners against Iran
Leader of Iran’s Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei on Tuesday described sanctions as a “bitter reality” and a “crime” against the Iranian people that have been imposed by the United States and its European partners.
Iran to file complaint with ICJ against US medical sanctions
A senior official at Iran's Health Ministry said on Monday that Tehran plans to lodge a complaint against the United States with the International Court of Justice (ICJ) over medical sanctions.
US extends Iraq sanctions waiver to import Iranian gas
Washington has granted Iraq a shortened 45-day sanctions waiver to import Iranian gas that will expire days before US President Donald Trump's term ends, an Iraqi official said Saturday.
US Democrats urge flexibility on sanctions against Iran, other nations
US Democratic lawmakers pushed back on the administration of President Donald Trump’s plan to unveil stepped-up sanctions against Iran and other nations, urging the outgoing president to show flexibility and allow coronavirus aid to be sent.
New US administration will need to change its Iran approach: Rouhani
President Hassan Rouhani said Wednesday current developments indicate that the new US administration would need to switch from a posture of threats against Iran to one of seeking opportunities with the country.

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