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Sustained high blood pressure may damage brain vessels
Having high blood pressure for long periods may increase the chance of small vessel damage in the brain, which has been linked to dementia and stroke, according to a new study.
Minister: Iran’s power in Strait of Hormuz not confined to vessels
Iranian Defense Minister Brigadier General Amir Hatami highlighted the country’s power to protect its vital interests in the Strait of Hormuz, saying his country’s dominant position in the strait is not founded on naval vessels alone, but involves missile capabilities, as well.
Iran sends naval group to Bab el-Mandeb Strait
Iran’s Navy has dispatched its 61st naval group, comprising a destroyer and a logistical vessel, on a mission to the Bab el-Mandeb Strait to ensure the security of shipping routes used by Iranian vessels.
Novel antioxidant makes old blood vessels seem young again
Older adults who take a novel antioxidant that specifically targets cellular powerhouses, or mitochondria, see age-related vascular changes reverse by the equivalent of 15 to 20 years within six weeks, according to new University of Colorado Boulder research.
Iran seizes four trespassing Indian vessels in Arvand waterway
Iranian naval guards have seized four Indian fishing vessels for trespassing on the country's territorial waters in the Arvand waterway on the mouth of the Persian Gulf.
32 missing, including 30 Iranians, in sea collision in China (Video)
China's Ministry of Transport said 32 crew members from an Iranian oil tanker are missing after it collided with a bulk freighter and caught fire off China's eastern coast.
Italy hails Libya decision to ban refugee rescue vessels
Italy has welcomed a decision by Libya to ban foreign refugee rescue vessels from entering a stretch of waters off its coast, in a move that has halted almost all such international operations there.
Iranian, Chinese navy vessels to conduct joint drill
A joint military exercise between navy vessels of Iran and China will be held on Sunday in the Strait of Hormuz.
Navy forces escorted 3,200 vessels in recent years: Sayyari
Iran's Navy Commander Rear Admiral Habibollah Sayyari said in this northern province on Thursday that the navy forces have escorted some 3,200 merchant vessels in the Gulf of Aden in recent years.
Defense minister: Iran to confront any intruding vessel in Persian Gulf
Defense Minister Hossein Dehqan said Iran will confront any vessel intruding in its territorial waters after Pentagon officials claimed that Iranian speedboats “harassed” US warships in the Strait of Hormuz.
Unmanned vessels deployed for Alaska ocean research
Researchers in the Bering Sea off Alaska's west coast will get help this summer from drones, but not the kind that fly.
Sleep deprivation impairs blood vessels, cholesterol metabolism
We all know the symptoms that result from running on five hours of sleep (or even less) for a few nights: Our brains feel foggy, thought processes become impaired, and sometimes we feel more anxious than usual. While the most obvious effects of sleep deprivation include feelings of fatigue or lowered productivity, long-term lack of sleep can take a toll on our bodies in often invisible ways.
Iran: US must apologize over trespassing of its vessels into Iran's waters
A senior commander of Iran’s Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) says Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif has demanded an apology from the United States for the recent trespassing by American naval forces on Iranian territorial waters.
Iran Navy foils pirate attacks on vessels in Gulf of Aden
A high-ranking Iranian Navy commander says the country’s naval forces have successfully saved two merchant vessels from pirate attacks in the Gulf of Aden off the coast of crisis-stricken Yemen.
Official: Iran, pioneer in building all kinds of vessels
The Islamic Republic of Iran is one of the pioneering countries in the field of building all kinds of ships and other maritime structures, despite sanctions imposed on the country over its peaceful nuclear program.

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