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Sub-Saharan Africa named riskiest investment region due to violence
Militant violence and abuses by security forces have made sub-Saharan Africa the riskiest region in the world for business and investors, a new report says.
Pandemic inflames violence against women
No country has been spared the coronavirus epidemic, nor the scourge of domestic violence, which has surged during lockdowns as the day marking such violence approaches on Wednesday.
Violence erupts in Brazil after security guards beat to death black man
More than 1,000 demonstrators attacked a Carrefour Brasil supermarket in the southern Brazilian city of Porto Alegre on Friday after security guards beat to death a black man at the store.
Dalit women are among the most oppressed in world
"We are victims of violence because we are poor, lower caste and women, so looked down upon by all," a Dalit woman told researcher Jayshree Mangubhai some years ago. "There is no one to help or speak for us. We face more sexual violence because we don't have any power."
Bloody violence hits Afghanistan as Ghani heads to Doha for talks
Fresh bloodshed has rocked Laghman Province in eastern Afghanistan as President Ashraf Ghani left Kabul for a visit to Doha for meetings with Qatari officials amid inconclusive US-brokered negotiations with the Taliban militants.
Portland mayor accuses Trump of creating hatred
Biden: Trump ‘recklessly encouraging’ Portland violence
Kenoshians face 'wake-up call' after tumultuous, painful week of violence
Five decades after he came with his migrant-worker family from Texas to Kenosha, Wisconsin, to pick cucumbers and potatoes in the fields outside of town, Tony Garcia is a prominent community member who has sat on the several local boards.
Rabiei: A region free of violence benefits all
Iran’s government spokesman Ali Rabiei said a region free of violence and oppression is in the interest of all the regional countries, stressing that it’s up to them to decide if they want to be in a tense region or not.
Farhadi: All stories emerge from a clash or fusion of love and violence
Two-time Oscar-winning Iranian director Asghar Farhadi said that all stories emerge from a clash or fusion of love and violence.
Exhausted US cities face another challenge: Surge in violence
Still reeling from the coronavirus pandemic and street protests over the police killing of George Floyd, exhausted cities around the United States are facing yet another challenge: A surge in shootings that has left dozens dead, including young children.
Violence against Australian old women worsens: Study
More women in regional and rural Queensland have reported being strangled, threatened with having their homes set on fire and pressured for unwanted sexual intimacy during the coronavirus pandemic.
Over 30,000 refugees flee violence in northwestern Nigeria in last two months
More than 30,000 Nigerian refugees have arrived in Niger’s Maradi Region during the past two months alone, tripling the number who have fled there since last year.
Iran's Assembly of Experts urges India to stop violence against Muslims
Iran’s Assembly of Experts has denounced the massacre of Muslims and the destruction of mosques and religious places at the hands of pro-government Hindu mobs in India, urging New Delhi to take swift action to end the crimes.
India lifts ban on coverage of anti-Muslim violence amid intl. pressure
India has been forced to lift a ban on media coverage of a recent wave of sectarian violence against Muslims in the Hindu-majority country.

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