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Emily Harrington becomes fourth woman to free-climb El Capitan in a day
Emily Harrington has become the fourth woman to free-climb El Capitan, the 3,000ft (914.4m) granite wall in Yosemite national park, California, the US, in a single day.
Indian woman lodges case against husband for hiding his baldness
A 27-year-old chartered accountant has lodged a complaint against her husband accusing him of cheating her by hiding the fact that he is bald.
US woman goes skydiving for the first time at 102
A Maryland woman fulfilled a longtime dream by going skydiving for the first time in her life at the age of 102.
German police remove invading crab from woman's home
Police in Germany were summoned to a woman's home when a large Chinese mitten crab wandered inside through an open door.
In Mexico, 103-year-old woman said to survive COVID-19
A 103-year-old Mexican woman suffering from a chronic pulmonary disease has survived a bout of COVID-19, the Mexican Social Security Institute (IMSS) announced.
Colombian woman went missing two years ago found floating alive at sea
A Colombian woman who went missing two years ago was found alive at sea. Stunned fishermen spotted Angelica Gaitan floating off the coast of Colombia, reports The Sun. The footage of her rescue has gone viral on social media.
Trump says will nominate a woman as Ginsburg’s successor amid favoritism worries
While President Donald Trump said on Saturday he will nominate a woman to sit on the US Supreme Court, while legal experts say the new justice could help resolve any dispute in favor of the president – an outcome that would deepen the country’s partisan divide and threaten the court’s reputation as an independent arbiter.
Brit breaks women’s world record for rowing solo from US mainland to Hawaii
A British woman has broken a world record by rowing solo from the US mainland to Hawaii in a grueling voyage lasting more than 12-weeks.
Woman who sawed off own hand found guilty of fraud
A Slovenian woman has been found guilty of deliberately sawing off her own hand as part of an insurance scam.
British woman eats 10 jelly doughnuts in three minutes for Guinness record
A British speed-eater achieved a Guinness World Record when she ate 10 jelly doughnuts in three minutes.
Woman in Germany to be charged with murder after death of her five children
German prosecutors said they will charge a 27-year-old woman with murder after five of her young children were found dead at their home in the western city of Solingen.
Migrant woman with coronavirus gives birth on board a helicopter in Italy
A migrant woman who tested positive to coronavirus has given birth to a baby on board a helicopter as she was flying to Sicily from the small southern Italian island of Lampedusa, the Sicilian regional government said.
Russian doctors pull 4-ft snake from woman’s throat after it slithered in as she slept
This is the shocking moment a four-foot-long snake is removed from a woman’s mouth.
Thai woman accidentally dyes her cat yellow
The Internet is in love with a yellow cat. Yes, you read that right. While bright yellow cats may not be readily found in nature, a concerned pet parent in Thailand accidentally transformed her feline into something resembling Pikachu with a turmeric scrub.
20-year-old woman in US found breathing at funeral home after being pronounced dead
A young woman was discovered to be alive after she had been declared dead and taken to a Detroit funeral home, officials said.

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