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Qamsari to stage 'Small Banquet'
Qamsari to stage 'Small Banquet'
A prominent music instrument player Ali Qamsari will stage his latest work 'Small Banquet' at Tehran's Roudaki Hall on September 22.

Singer, composer and instrumentalist Pourya Akhavas is responsible for performing the pieces. He will be accompanied by Haleh Seifi Zadeh and Behrokh Shoorvarzi as background vocalists, reported.

The album 'Small Banquet' has been released in the same style as 'There Is No Speech' album.

Earlier, Qamsari, accompanied by Mohammad Mo'tamedi, staged a concert called 'Peace Horn' in Isfahan last year.

Qamsari, a 'tar' virtuoso, was born in 1983. He established 'Sarmad', 'Hamnavazan-e Hesar' and 'Iranian string quartet' ensembles.

He has performed in concerts with 'Sarmad', 'Eshtiaq' and 'Hamnavazan-e Hesar' groups in Tehran and other Iranian cities.

Qamsari also staged concerts in Spain, France, Morocco, Canada, Germany, Sweden and the US.


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