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Iranian experts produce petchem equipment domestically
Iranian experts produce petchem equipment domestically
Experts of Jam Polypropylene Complex in the southwestern province of Bushehr have localized the production of extruder blade which is an important part of pelletizer unit.

According to a report by Shana, the company’s extruder blade is originally made by a German company, which has not been available for purchase and production for many years due to sanctions.

The vitality of this part in the production process led the Iranian experts of Jam Polypropylene Complex to successfully produce this important part after extensive research.

The domestic production of extruder blade in each set of 36 pieces leads to save $170,000.
An Iranian commerce official said in April that a European company plans to invest €400 million in Iran's major petrochemical project in the southeastern port of Chabahar.

The European firm will invest in machinery and equipment needed for a methanol production project in Chabahar, said Ahmad Jamali, a deputy for Iran's high council on free trade zones.

Jamali did not disclose the name of the European company but said that it had previously worked in Iran.

Required permits have been obtained from the relevant Iranian institutions for the activity of the European investor and land has been allocated for the beginning of the project, Jamali said.


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