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Senior Iranian official: US recent hostilities rooted in desperation
Senior Iranian official: US recent hostilities rooted in desperation

Head of Iran’s Presidential Office Mahmoud Vaezi said criticized US recent move of flying-by an Iranian airliner over Syria last Thursday describing it an “unwise” and “stupid” act.

“Such unwise and gravely stupid acts by a country which claims to be a superpower is indicative of its extreme weakness and desperation towards the Iranian nation,” Vaezi told reporters on July 29, IRNA reported.

Speaking at the end of a Cabinet session, he added that Iran is taking “appropriate legal and political measures” against the US dangerous move at the international bodies.

Noting that the US government is currently facing enormous problems, Vaezi said the US government, with 150,000 casualties due to coronavirus, has completely failed to control the fatal disease despite possessing considerable facilities.

The US had thought that the Iranian nation will finally fall to its knees in three months due to the tough economic and political pressures, however, despite all difficulties and problems caused by the sanctions and all-out pressure, presently, the Iranian people and also its government succeeded to defeat all those measures and efforts through their admirable solidarity and resilience, Vaezi stressed.

On July 23, two US fighter jets illegally intercepted the Iranian Mahan Air’s Flight 1152 with 163 passengers and crew on board over Syria en route to Beirut from Tehran. The dangerous maneuvering of the US warplanes caused the pilot of the Iranian airliner to rapidly lower the altitude to avoid a collision with the US fighter planes, leaving several passengers injured.

President Hassan Rouhani denounced the US harassment of the Iranian civilian flight as an act of “aerial terrorism,” on July 29 and called on the UN Security Council, the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) and regional states to break their silence on Washington’s “dangerous mischiefs,” Press TV reported.


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