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Twins pay off their parents’ mortgage with money from making video games
Twins pay off their parents’ mortgage with money from making video games
A pair of identical twins paid off their parents’ mortgage by dropping out of school and making video games.

Ben and Matthew Horton, both 20, make more than £100,000 a year each after they dropped out of sixth form at 16 to pursue making video games, reported. 

Matthew focused on producing video trailers and Ben worked on his programming.  

They told the Sunday Mirror: “We did all this stuff because we enjoyed doing it. We’re really fortunate.” 

The twins started making money at 13 when they made an online game and charged people £5 to unlock extra features as they progressed through the game. 

Matt came up with an adventure gaming movie The Last Guest and Ben made the video games Guest World.  

In its first year of release they made £67,000 and went on to make 20 more games on the platform Roblox, which is an already-existing games creation system which helps users design their own games. 


Matt said: “When I showed my dad we’d earned £600, he thought it must be from drug-dealing as it was so much. He was so surprised.” 

Growing their fan base and working on their skills meant they could help their council worker Mark and mother Caroline pay off their mortgage for their house in Norfolk. 

Their huge success has quickly seen them gain millions of fans around the world and the brothers now live and work together in Crawley, West Sussex but hope to move to LA, the global hub of the gaming industry.

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