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Iranian animations open Brazilian festival
Iranian animations open Brazilian festival
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Four Iranian animations opened the 19th Florianópolis Children’s Film Festival (Mostra de Cinema Infantil de Florianópolis) in Brazil.

According to IRNA, ‘Bamdad,’ ‘Namaki,’ ‘Coward Ghost’ and ‘I Learned What to Do,’ which are among the most successful animated films, were screened at the opening of the festival.

These films were directed by Reyhaneh Kavosh, produced by Ali Raeisi, and distributed by Peace Art Studio.

Kavosh studied graphic design at the Conservatory of Fine Arts and continued her studies in the field of digital arts at the School of Radio and Television. She has directed several works, among which ‘One Thousand & One Tales’ animation series is the most important one. This series is produced and co-directed by Ali Raeisi, and since 2010 over 80 episodes have been created. She has been involved in various festivals and won several awards for her films, ‘Wooden Flowers,’ ‘Crow’s Nest,’ ‘Persian Cats,’ ‘The Sun’ and ‘I’m a Penguin.’

She has already participated in various festivals including Karlovy Vary International Film Festival in Poland.

The 19th edition of the Brazil festival began on Nov. 21 and will run through Nov. 28.



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