Iran ready for forming troika of ‘South Countries: FM

Calling for practical steps to ensure global peace and security, the foreign minister of Iran expressed the country’s readiness for cooperation with the G20 and the establishment of a troika of “South Countries” to serve the interests of their nations and multilateral cooperation.

Hossein Amir-Abdollahian on Thursday delivered a speech to the Voice of Global South Summit, held via video links, and presented Iran’s views and opinions on major international issues and the effective role played by the Global South Countries on the world stage, Tasnim news agency reported.

“Currently, the world is grappling with multilayered and complicated crises and facing a return of the COVID-19 pandemic, conflicts, war, terrorism, underdevelopment and adverse consequences of poverty and economic inequality, and at the same time, recession and inflation.”

He added, “This is while a number of players have directed their efforts toward their own unilateral interests, instead of engaging in consultations and cooperation for a resolution of global crises and problems, and exert pressure on the independent and multilateralism-seeking countries via infiltration into international financial and economic institutions and the imposition of cruel unilateral sanctions.”

Amir-Abdollahian urged practical steps to strengthen global peace, stability and security, expressing Iran’s readiness to cooperate with the G20.

He also listed Iran’s proposals to achieve that goal, including setting up a troika of the South Countries to serve the interests of their nations, promote multilateral cooperation at the regional and international levels toward consolidating energy security in the world and making convergent efforts to ensure food security and supply chains, multifaceted cooperation in the fields of transportation, roads and transit, benefiting from nuclear energy fairly and peacefully, moving toward global nuclear disarmament in the world, fighting terrorism and extremism, bolstering religious tolerance, and creating an independent media platform for the South.

The foreign minister stated that Iran maintains a firm resolve to restore its right to benefit from nuclear energy for peaceful purposes, including enrichment, and remains committed to the realization of a 2015 nuclear agreement with good will.

“In spite of that, the incumbent U.S. administration, keeps insisting on violation of commitments, sanctions policy, making excuses and wasting time, despite the demands of the international community.”

This comes as Iran continues its cooperation with the International Atomic Energy Agency, he added.

“Iran will not yield to pressure, threats and bullying from abroad, and believes diplomacy and dialog are the best option,” he stressed.

The videoconference was also attended by the foreign ministers of India (the host nation), Armenia, Oman, Maldives, Panama, Jamaica, Kenya, El Salvador, Georgia, Uganda, Tunisia, and the Dominican Republic.



Iranian Foreign Minister Hossein Amir-Abdollahian (top L) delivers a speech via video links to the Voice of Global South Summit hosted by India on January 12, 2023.