Nakhjir Cave in Markazi Province, highly attractive to tourists

Chaal-Nakhjir Cave, also known as Nakhjir Cave, is one of the amazing attractions of Markazi Province, which is located between Naraq and Delijan on the hillside of Takht Kuh.

Due to the cave’s location in the mountain range, it is easy to access. After visiting Kashan, an ancient city in the central province of Isfahan, you can reach the cave by traveling approximately 70 kilometers to the west, reported.

It is interesting to know that chaal means a pit, and nakhjir means a hunting ground.  Caves are strange and mysterious places with unique beauties. Nakhjir Cave or Chaal-Nakhjir, which dates back to the Third Geologic Period, is the most beautiful and stunning cave in the Middle East. Some creatures living in the cave, such as blindfish, have no eyes. You will be amazed by experiencing the silence of the cave, a silence full of unspoken things.

The height of this cave, which was accidentally detected, reaches over 20 meters in some places. The age of the old cave is estimated to be about 70 million years. It is a living cave, which means if a part of it is destroyed, it will evolve again after several years.

Over millions of years, the fault movement has caused the creation of corridors and some fabulous ponds in Nakhjir Cave. Moreover, the cave has been formed as a result of tectonic factors and chemical reactions. Decorative stones of various shapes, such as eagles, turtles, deer, humans, pigeons, and giant crystal sculptures, mostly of lime, have been created in the cave.

The reflection of light through the prism of crystals and calcite stones, beside variable hangings from the ceiling and spongy crystalline covering of the walls and flooring, create an exotic sight and ranks this cave among the most beautiful and outstanding caves in the world.

The cave was registered on Iran’s National Heritage List in 2001. Certain characteristics such as passages, lakes, pools and columns have presented a special beauty to the cave. The length of the cave is estimated at about eight to 12 kilometers, only 1.2 kilometers of which is open to the public.

The most beautiful feature in Nakhjir Cave is the possibility of sailing in it, and the most interesting thing about is that its temperature is warm in the winter and cool in the summer. There are also several small ponds of water in different sections of the cave that add to its beauty.