Israeli students protest against regime’s new cabinet

International Desk

Hundreds of Israeli students hold a demonstration against Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s new hard-right cabinet.

Israeli police forces arrested several students during the Monday demonstration.

The protest came days after tens of thousands rallied in three major cities across the occupied Palestinian territories against Netanyahu’s cabinet and its proposed judicial reforms plan.

Protesters flooded the streets in Tel Aviv on Saturday, brandishing signs with slogans decrying Netanyahu’s new cabinet as the “government of shame” and urging, “bring down the dictator.”

Israeli media reported 80,000 people joined the rally, while the regime’s security sources gave no official estimate after reporting 20,000 protesters earlier in the evening.

The demonstrators censured planned reforms announced by the regime’s new cabinet earlier this month. The so-called reforms include a “derogation clause” that allows Knesset (the regime’s parliament) to override the decisions that are made by the Supreme Court.