‘Big Panda and Tiny Dragon’ by James Norbury

“Sometimes, my head is just like this storm”, said the Tiny Dragon.

“If you listen carefully”, said the Great Panda, “you will hear the raindrops hitting the rock. Even in a storm it is possible to find a little peace.”

Iran’s bestseller this week, ‘Big Panda and Tiny Dragon’, originally published in 2021, is a thought-provoking journey of companionship, courage, tenderness, and tea.

Written by James Norbury, an illustrator and writer based in Wales, UK, the book relates the year-long journey of the Big Panda and Tiny Dragon through the seasons. The two companions get lost on many occasions, just as we all do from time to time. Norbury created the adventures of the two creatures to share ideas that have helped him through difficult times.

A nice read suitable for readers of all ages, the book has found its die-hard fans mostly among those who feel lost. Its dedicated lovers, although relatively few in numbers, have made for an enviable rating of 4.9 out of 5 on Amazon, as well as a 4.4 out of 5 on Goodreads.

An Iranian reviewer, Keyhan Mosavvar, has rated the book five stars on Goodreads, writing, “’Big Panda and Tiny Dragon’ is awesome. It’s an illustrated book with a painting of the Panda and its friend Dragon, filled with heartwarming, positive words. Another reviewer, Roya S., gave the book four starts, writing, “After about a month of not reading anything, I broke the spell with Big Panda and Tiny Dragon. At the very beginning, I found out I’ve chosen the right book, for it is dedicated to all those who feel lost.”