Iran raps European Parliament’s move to list IRGC as terrorist organization

Political Desk

Following a vote by the European Union’s Parliament to list the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) as a terrorist organization, several Iranian officials and entities showed decisive reactions.

Iranian President Ebrahim Raeisi condemned the European Parliament’s decision to designate the IRGC as a terrorist organization, adding that the move is motivated by “desperation” on the part of Europeans.

In a cabinet meeting on Thursday, Raeisi briefly mentioned a recent amendment to a European Parliament resolution that called on the EU and its member states to include the IRGC on their terror lists.

“This move is out of desperation and it comes after their failed attempts on the streets to deal a blow to Iranian people,” he said, referring to the foreign-backed riots that started in Iran in mid-September 2022 after the death of Mahsa Amini.

With such measures, Europe thought it could “stop the Iranian nation,” he said.

The Islamic Revolution Guards Corps is an “official force” and a part of the Iranian Armed Forces, Raeisi emphasized. “The measure is in violation of international law and the UN Charter”, he said.

The Joint Staff of the Iranian Armed Forces also strongly condemned the European Parliament’s move, warning that such an unwise decision will adversely affect regional and international peace and security.

In a statement released on Thursday, it added that the EP’s ill-advised decision runs counter to the basic principles of international rights and regulations.

“The European Parliament’s recent move sets a precedent in international norms and regulations, and will also influence regional and global security, calm and peace,” the statement added, warning the EP of its consequences.

According to Article 39 of the UN Charter, the Security Council is entitled to determine the existence of terrorist groups, the statement added, saying the unilateral measures by the UN member states lack international credibility and are nonbinding under the UN Charter.

The Armed Forces also noted that the frustrated European Parliament has come under the influence of the hostile policies of the terrorist US government and the fake Zionist regime after their failure to foment unrest and insecurity inside Iran.

It added that the “ridiculous move” to blacklist the IRGC, which is acknowledged by friends and foes as the terminator of Daesh (known as ISIS), the biggest terrorist group in the region, indicates the application of double standards that are against security and contravene international and legal laws.

Iran’s Foreign Ministry spokesman Nasser Kanaani, for his part, stated on Friday that the IRGC is the largest anti-terrorism organization in the world.

Writing on his Twitter account on Friday, the spokesman said that the apartheid regime of Israel is the world’s largest organized terrorist identity, with the U.S. regime being its biggest supporter after it was founded by the UK.

“The #apartheid Israeli regime is the world’s largest organized terror entity, the UK regime its founder & the U.S. regime its greatest sponsor,” the tweet read.

“The reason behind the anger of the “global club of terrorists” is crystal clear; the #IRGC is the world’s largest counter-terrorism inst.,” it added.