Iran hosts International Congress for the Women of Influence

The first International Congress for the Women of Influence was held in Tehran yesterday and attended by 70 female officials from different countries.

The congress went underway while 300 influential women from China, Australia, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Pakistan, Cameroon, Serbia, Armenia, Sweden, Bulgaria, South Africa, Syria, Lebanon and Russia took part in the one-day event.

The international guests of the congress mainly hold high-level positions in their countries.

The congress had three different categories for its guests: Cultural and scientific celebrities, ministers, and first ladies.

The morning portion of the congress saw the speeches delivered by Jamileh Alamolhoda, Iran’s first lady, as well as the wives of high-ranking officials, including the wives of the prime ministers of Armenia, Burkina Faso, Iraq, Kyrgyzstan, Serbia, Guinea, Nigeria, and Sri Lanka, the head of the Central Women’s Council of Turkmenistan, and the special envoy of the Syrian president.

After the speeches, a summary was presented by Alamolhoda and later the international guests visited the exhibition of Iranian women’s achievements.

The evening part was filled with bilateral meetings of the first ladies and more speeches by officials.

On Thursday evening, the guests met with Iran’s President Ebrahim Raeisi, where he highlighted the considerable improvement in the status of Iranian women in different areas and lambasted Western governments for their double standards on women’s rights, stating that their anger towards the country is due to the success of Iranian women in the Islamic Establishment.