Enjoy amusing dolphin performances on Kish Island


Dolphin Park Complex is the first dolphinarium in Iran, which is located on Kish Island, in the southern province of Hormuzgan. Not only can you enjoy the great and amusing dolphin performances in this complex, but you can visit other attractions of the complex as well.

Dolphins are very charming animals; they put on exciting shows with the help of their coaches. Watching them swim around and dive can be a very memorable experience. If you love to watch dolphins jump, draw, and even talk, put in some time to watch their performance while you are in Kish. They are intelligent creatures that will make you wonder, apochi.com reported.

Other animals such as sea lions, walruses, and penguins live in the complex, too. The pools of the park are filled by water from the sea, and the animals are living in an environment similar to their natural habitat. This large complex has an area of 100 hectares, and it is located on the southeastern part of the island.


Bird Garden


When you buy a ticket for the Kish Dolphin Complex, visiting the Bird Garden is also included in your ticket. This Bird Garden is located inside the Dolphin Complex and it has more than 57 various species of birds. Pelicans, ostriches, scarlet macaw, various species of stork, toucan, swans, African penguins, and rare species such as marsh crocodile are some of the birds in this park.

One of the remarkable points in this park is the collection of different species from all over the world from South America to Australia and from East Asia to Africa.

The landscape of the park is very attractive. About thousands of trees of different species have been planted there, such as sacred figs, bottlebrushes, myrtles, yellow elders, gum trees, hollyhocks, and weeping figs. After touring around the park, you can rest in cafés or restaurants.


Kish Aquarium


Kish Aquarium is not a part of the Kish Dolphin Complex, but it is located right next to it. One of the best ways to see the underwater world is by diving, a fun activity possible on Kish Island; but if you cannot do diving for any reason, you have the chance to see colorful corals, fish, turtles, and so many other creatures in the Kish Aquarium. This large aquarium consists of two main parts: one, with a volume of 50,000 liters of water that contains sharks, crocodiles, and snakes; and the other, with a volume of 20,000 liters that has 70 rare and interesting fish. The two-meter turtle, taxidermy, and Paleontology Center are other interesting parts of this attraction.

After watching amusing dolphin performances, you can visit other attractions on Kish Island. As Kish is a small island, you will not have much difficulty reaching different places. Beaches, Greek Ship, the ancient town of Harireh, Kariz-e Kish, shopping malls, and Hendurabi are some of these places.