EU should avoid repeating EP strategic mistake

Mohsen Pirhadi

Iranian MP

The recent action of the European Parliament against the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) has caused a wave of rage and disgust among the Iranians. The move is a strategic mistake from several perspectives:

1- The IRGC is one of the most popular military forces in the world, and even the process of its formation, rather than being top-down by politicians and rulers, was bottom-up, i.e., it was formed from the heart of the neighborhoods, alleys, and streets of Iranian cities to defend Iran during the war imposed by Saddam and its allies against this country. The IRGC has been with the people in all the hard days and nights of the Iranian nation, in the face of natural disasters and foreign threats, and has even shone brightly in serving Iranians during the COVID-19 pandemic. Sanctioning and calling such a force terrorist is, in fact, sanctioning a nation and insulting them, and what some Europeans are looking for will surely not happen.

2- This is not the first time that this popular patriotic force is subjected to sanctions. Earlier, too, the U.S. administration had made such a mistake during the Trump era, and we all know that Trump is famous for his thoughtlessness and gross mistakes, and perhaps this was the cause of his defeat and short political life. The recent action of the European Parliament is a follow-up to Trump’s imprudent policy and will have the same or worse result for the current leaders of this union.

3- We expect the European heads of state, despite all the disputes and differences, to be wiser than that to include a powerful force in the West Asian region, which crushed ISIS and even directly and indirectly, helped the security of other nations, including Europe, in the list of terrorist organizations. The recent decision of the European Parliament will not be official until it is approved by the leaders of 28 European countries, and it will only be a diplomatic dance on the part of this Parliament.

4- The mistake made by the European Parliament has been based on incorrect information and faulty analysis. The people whose names have been mentioned in the text of the resolution as innocent protestors have, in fact, committed murders and caused insecurity in the country. The wrong information has generally been produced and disseminated by the pro-monarchy Farsi-language media and the terrorist Mujahedin Khalq Organization, both of which have been responsible for the murder of thousands of Iranian men and women. Thus, it would have been more appropriate that the members of the European Parliament checked the credibility and authenticity of these sources before getting tricked by the media show of the enemies of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

5- Referring to the IRGC as a terrorist organization and subjecting it to sanctions, even if it becomes official, will not affect the will and determination of the sons of the Iranian nation in the Armed Forces and will not harm the devotion and love of the Iranian people for the protectors of their security. Probably, in this way, the European Union is only seeking to follow up the strategy of more economic and media pressure on Iran, which will be ineffective anyway. As a matter of fact, with this move, the European countries themselves, especially the eastern and southern states of this union, which have secretly supported real terrorist groups like ISIS, will be left alone in confronting them.