Iran produces over 2.7 million square meters of handwoven carpets in nine months

Iran produced 2,722,487 square meters of handwoven carpets in a nine-month period from the beginning of the Iranian year, starting on March 21 to December 21, said the head of Iran’s Carpet Center.

Farahnaz Rafe’ added that the figure shows an increase compared to last year’s figure, which stood at 3,328,315 square meters, IRNA wrote. (By extrapolation, this year’s figure would be 3,629,982 sq m.)

Referring to the supportive measures in order to increase the production of carpets in the center, she added that the project of certifying the authenticity of carpets, installment sales of handwoven carpets in the digital sales ecosystem, holding the conference of famous Iranian carpets are among the center’s activities to support the handwoven carpet industry.

Rafe’ concluded that not only local people who weave carpets, but also dyers, menders, and merchants involved in the process of carpet production makes the industry a part of Iranian identity.