Serbian corner opens in National Library and Archives of Iran

The Serbian president’s wife, Tamara Vucic, officially opened a Serbian corner in the National Library and Archives of Iran on Saturday.

Vucic met with the head of the national body in Tehran, Alireza Mokhtarpour, and presented 32 books about Serbia’s culture and history to the Iranian library.

She was one of the guests at the closing ceremony of the First International Congress for Women of Influence in Tehran.

Speaking on her presence at the library, she said that it was a great opportunity to become familiar with Iran’s rich culture, history and civilization.

She said that based on Islamic teachings, “God has conveyed his messages to people through books, and I am very happy to see the only octagonal Qur’an with very small dimensions in the library.”

She added that today, the search for knowledge will be largely fulfilled via the Internet, however, peace and tranquility are not something that can be found on the Internet, highlighting that libraries are the centers in which the said two concepts can be found.

She described Iranian women as strong and self-confident, praising their knowledge and skills.

Investment in the way of thinking is more important than making an investment in other areas, she said.

For his part, Mokhtarpour called for fostering cultural relations between Tehran and Belgrade.