Mokhber: Several billion dollars of Iran’s frozen assets released

Iran’s First Vice President Mohammad Mokhber said that several billion dollars of the frozen assets of Iran were released during the past few days.

Stating that the country enjoys economic potentials and opportunities, Mokhber said that the current exchange rate fluctuations are caused by the enemies’ media and psychological propaganda, reported Mehr News Agency.

Referring to Iran’s vast capacities in the field of mines, the Iranian first vice president said, “With the production of one million copper cathodes, we will have $10 billion of profit and income for the country. But so far, only seven percent of the copper mines in the country are operational, and Iran ranks sixth in terms of reserves and 18th in terms of production.”

Emphasizing that the current Iranian government has focused on investing in different sectors, Mokhber added, “About 65 projects with a value of $18.5 billion have been defined in the mining and industries sector, and some of these projects are being implemented.

“In the petrochemical sector, 21 projects with a value of $13 billion, in the oil sector, 16 projects with a value of $56 billion, in the industrial sector, six projects with a value of $7 billion, and in the agricultural sector, (different) plans with a value of $5 billion have been developed, some of which have entered the stage of implementation and operation.”