IME monthly trade surpasses $3b

The Iran Mercantile Exchange (IME) announced that over 8.77 million tons of commodities, worth over $3 billion, were traded in its domestic trading and export halls in the month closing on January 20.

A total of 7.01 million tons of various products, worth about $2 billion, were traded at IME’s domestic and export metal and mineral trading hall, reported.

Among the traded products were 1.48 million tons of steel, 1.17 million tons of iron ore, 42,000 tons of sponge iron, 262,075 tons of zinc, 69,325 tons of aluminum ingots, 30,178 tons of copper, 800 tons of molybdenum concentrate, 45kg of gold, 4.07 million tons of cement and 28,455 vehicles.

In addition, 1.58 million tons of various commodities, valued at about $911 million, were traded at IME’s domestic and export oil and petrochemical trading halls.

Other traded items were 383,683 tons of polymeric products, 377,000 tons of vacuum bottom, 129,100 tons of lube cut, 144,560 tons of chemical products, 20,535 tons of sulfur, 560 tons of insulation, 21,552 tons of base oil and 508,989 tons of bitumen.