Iranian animation ‘Loupetou’ hits box office record

Iranian animation, “Loupetou,” directed by Abbas Askari, has managed to reach record sales in Iranian cinema history, grossing over 14 billion rials ($3.57 million), 12 weeks after its release, according to the public relations office of the production studio.

“Loupetou” has managed to achieve this record at the box office across the country by attracting 580,000 viewers. Also, the sale of this animation in mobile screenings in cities which do not have cinemas has reached record sales of more than 1,200 billion rials.

Recently, mobile screenings of animations have begun in cities that have cinemas, except Tehran, Mashhad, Isfahan, Shiraz, Ahvaz and Sari.

The musical, exciting, and happy animated movie is the first product of Sooreh Animation Center, which was produced by young artists from Kerman Province in Farasou Studio, and was shown on movie screens by Bahman-e-Sabz Broadcasting Office.