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Published: 1039 GMT June 08, 2015

Man falls off roof during marriage proposal

Man falls off roof during marriage proposal

A nervous boy begins to propose to the girl in front of smiling friends on a rooftop terrace.

But moments later when tossed the ring, the clip shows the man, named Josh, missing his catch before seemingly over-balancing and plunging over the ledge and out of sight, reported.

The outdoor terrace is four floors up, so the girl Brooke screams and dashes to the ledge to look over, no doubt expecting a gruesome outcome.

But her worst fears are unfounded as a glance reveals that the spectacular fall was planned in advance and there was a softer landing than expected for Josh.

But the emotional rollercoaster for Brooke continues as Josh uses his prone state to ask her an important question from afar.

We later find out her answer was in the affirmative.

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