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Published: 0954 GMT February 09, 2016

Veteran artisan expounds on glass painting

Veteran artisan expounds on glass painting

Mohammad Bani-Javad is an Iranian glass painter. He has been engaged in the art for the past 22 years.


He recalls, “When I was a child, my brother had a crystal and glass packaging workshop. There was a glass painter whose works had drawn the attention of customers. I learned glass painting from that artisan.”

Referring to the raw materials used in glass painting, he said that in ancient times, the color gold was widely used in this field of art. However, since this is very expensive now, the artisans use powder dyes, he added.

“I paint abstract designs on glass. When my pupils take up painting brushes, I advise them to design everything they can imagine on the glass.”

A majority of those who have learned the art of glass painting have chosen it as a career, he said.

Bani-Javad has acquired the seal of authenticity for his paintings on an oil lamp and making turquoise dye.

He cited the lack of funds as one of his problems. “We sell most of our works in exhibitions. For example, I met a Lebanese customer at a fair and I could send many of my works to Lebanon. I sell my works in every exhibit that I take part in.

“I participate in exhibitions as much as I can since I can become acquainted with regular customers at the fair.

“I cannot train many pupils because my workshop is small.”

He said 50 percent of the glasses he uses are procured domestically, while the rest are imported.

Bani-Javad has had his works sent to Lebanon, Canada and Nigeria. He packs his works himself.

He described poor publicity as another problem that he has encountered.

“Before the Western sanctions, Italy and Germany were dynamic markets for our artworks, but we faced problems with the imposition of sanctions. We used to export our products to Turkey in containers during 1996-2001.

“Today, we are optimistic about the post-JPCOA (Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action) era.”


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