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Published: 0344 GMT March 07, 2016

Famous Indonesian painter grants artwork to Zarif

Famous Indonesian painter grants artwork to Zarif

Renowned Indonesian painter Jeihan Sukmantoro has donated one of his artwork to Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif as a sign of peace and friendship among Muslims.

Most of the artworks created by Sukmantoro were influenced by the thoughts of Persian poet, scholar and Sufi mystic Jalal-e-Din Mohammad Rumi.

The artwork was handed over to Zarif by a relative of Sukmantoro who is too old and frail and could not personally present his indelible painting to the Iranian foreign minister at the venue of the Fifth Extraordinary Meeting of OIC Foreign Ministers on Monday.

The artwork depicts pilgrims who stay at Muzdalifah preceded by a day at Arafat during the annual Haj rituals.

The Indonesian painter's relative explained that Sukmantoro highly respects Zarif for his role to promote peace in the Muslim world and when he was informed that Zarif is in Jakarta, he decided to present this piece of art as a symbol of peace and unity of Muslims to the Iranian foreign minister.

Heading an eco-political delegation, Zarif embarked on a tour of Southeast Asia and Oceania on Saturday evening and arrived in the Indonesian capital on Sunday.

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