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Published: 1135 GMT March 08, 2016

US citizen : US government 'silent' as UAE tortures my family

US citizen : US government 'silent' as UAE tortures my family

An American citizen whose father and brother are being detained in the United Arab Emirates has accused the Obama administration of keeping silent as her family continues to suffer torture.

Amal Eldarat, a Libyan American, said her father Kamal and brother Momed, who were arrested by UAE security officials in late August 2014, are being denied basic medical care, were forced to sign confessions, and have inadequate access to their lawyers, according to the Huffington Post.

They were arrested along with other residents with ties to Libya on charges of aiding groups the UAE considers terrorists, citing confessions the Eldarat signed while in detention.

“[The State Department] contacted me and told me that unfortunately, my brother had lost his hearing from the torture in his left ear and that they’re ensuring that he gets access to medical care, and that didn't take place," Amal Eldarat told the Huffington Post.

She said Momed had been complaining about a pain in his ear and that the US Embassy in Abu Dhabi assured her that her brother would get proper treatment. “Now, 17 months later, my brother's lost his hearing in his left ear,” she lamented.

She added that her family’s involvement in Libya was limited to humanitarian work there and the confessions they signed were obtained under duress.

Asked if she thought the US government believed the allegations against her father and brother, Amal Eldarat said, “I don't think they think it’s legit, but they’re silent.”

The United Nations has called on the UAE to release the Eldarats and other detainees of Libyan descent because they are being held arbitrarily and tortured.



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