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Published: 1057 GMT May 16, 2016

Green marriage

Green marriage

Preserving the environment has found its way in ceremonial rituals of marriage.

It is heard that a couple have put environmental conditions for starting their married life.

For example, they decide to plant a seedling or have environmental dowry instead of coins.

A young couple planted 1,305 seedlings on the banks of Ahooran River, south of Kermanshah, in western Iran.

Also, a Kermani couple didn’t use any disposable containers and plates at their marriage ceremony. They sought to sort the garbage. And they planted a seedling to celebrate their union.

Or another couple got married on Damavand Summit.

All these activities are worthy ― indicating that the society moves toward paying more attention to the environment.

This movement started years ago in many countries. For example, couples are obliged to plant a seedling during their marriage ceremony. Or a seedling is planted when an infant is born in some countries.

Also, Deputy Minister of Sports and Youth Mohammadreza Rostami said Minstry of Sports and Youth has suggested Green Marriage to Department of Environment.

“We seek to combine indices of environment and marriage ― as two social and environmental issues ― together and propose a new model themed ‘Green Marriage’ to the youth.”

In related news, Mohammad Darvish, a senior official of Department of Environment, said, “We have been witness to green marriages. We hope it will turn into a social-environmental movement.”

Green dowry, or planting a seedling, indicates that the youth pay more attention to the environment, he added.

This is the beginning of a social movement, he said.

“Today, we see that many environmental gatherings are held in various parts of the country. This is a sign of hope,” he concluded.



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