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Published: 0250 GMT June 24, 2016

Iran to host filmfest with 'Our World Is Beautiful' slogan

Iran to host filmfest with 'Our World Is Beautiful' slogan

Iran will host the 14th Resistance International Film Festival (RIFF), whose slogan this year is 'Our World Is Beautiful'. The festival will focus on the vision of International terrorism and hegemonic regimes while criticizing Wahhabi and Zionist beliefs.

The event, which is scheduled for September 23-30, 2016, will draw attention to the most principal humanistic issues in the contemporary world with a focus on challenging topics such as international terrorism, hegemonic regimes, brutal crimes of Daesh and other Takfiri and Salafi groups, the police violence against the black people in the US, Mina tragedy among other similar issues, Mehr News Agency reported.

This cultural-cinematic event strives to analyze and evaluate 'Disrupted Contemporary World' and the chaotic situations of human beings as a result of the domination of hegemonic regimes, war and terrorism crisis, devastating greed of the international terrorism and the challenges facing the Islamic World, such as the extremist Takfiri thoughts supported by Saudi Arabian government and Wahhabi ideology. International artists, thinkers and independent filmmakers will take part in the event.

The Resistance Film Festival, with a 34-year history, is the oldest film festival, founded by independent and revolutionary filmmakers of Iran that went on to become the most prestigious cultural-cinematic event in Iran in the last three decades. It has also been the birthplace of many stylish and well-known Iranian filmmakers and now, it is turned into an hub for anti-Zionist artists around the world.

The festival seeks to create a basis for discourse, communication, thinking and synergy, as well as a network of creative and truth-seeking filmmakers particularly those who are independent and are against dominance and Zionism.

Its primary goal is to convey the message to the world that "creating beauty and humanity is only possible through kindness, friendship, company and empathy".

It is categorized in three sections of International Competition, Imad Mughniyeh Special Award and The Resistance Cinema in the World. Every short and feature films, documentaries and animated films, produced since January 2014, are to be presented in the festival.

The secretary of the RIFF is Mohammad Khazaei, an Iranian artist and film producer.

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