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Published: 0226 GMT June 29, 2016

Copenhagen's David Museum decorated with Shahnameh

Copenhagen's David Museum decorated with Shahnameh

David Museum in Denmark organized an exhibition to introduce various aspects of Shahnameh, the national epic of Persia. The exhibition gives the public an opportunity to experience an ancient, exotic, and dramatic world in pictures.

The stories are played out through nearly 60 works of art, in addition to a display of weapons. Visitors will be able to study details in Persian miniatures with a magnifying glass. Apart from one miniature, which is on loan, all of the works of art are from the David Collection's own holdings.

According to David Museum's press release: "Shahnameh' (The Book of Kings) has been a 'classic' for centuries, especially in the Persian-speaking parts of the world, but also in India, Turkey, and the Middle East. Even in Germany, Great Britain, and the US, the old text has been translated and exhibitions of the epic's countless illustrations have been held in recent years."

Shahnameh was written by the Persian poet Ferdowsi and finished in the year 1010. In his enormous work — probably the world's longest poem, with over 50,000 verses — he recounted the story of Persia (Iran) from a bygone mythical era to the 7th century, when Arab armies overran the ancient kingdom.

As in the works of 'Saxo Grammaticus' and 'Homer' and in fairy tales, the Shahnameh combines history, thrilling narratives, dramatic battle scenes, and love stories that often have no happy ending. The epic has always been exceedingly popular in the Persian-speaking part of the Islamic world and still plays an important role as a national symbol in Persia.

The exhibition Shahnameh will be on display until November 6, 2016.

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