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Published: 0300 GMT July 17, 2016

Academics from 40 countries to attend Persian courses in Iran

Academics from 40 countries to attend Persian courses in Iran

By Sadeq Dehqan & Hamideh Hosseini

About 250 professors and students of Persian language and literature from 40 countries will take part in Persian language courses in Iran to upgrade and expand their knowledge of Persian language and literature, said the deputy director of Iran's Sa'di Foundation.

In an interview with Iran Daily, Mohammadreza Darbandi added that the foundation invites several professors and students from across the world to Iran to attend their classes.

In an agreement signed with Sa'di Foundation, courses will be held in Allameh Tabataba'i University on August 2-31.

The participants will take part in classes from morning until noon and will visit Tehran's cultural centers in the afternoons, he said. At the end of the course, they will go on a three-day visit to Isfahan to view cultural and touristic sites.

The trained participants will be Iran's cultural envoys in their own countries and will convey realities and values in Iran to fellow citizens.

Noting that in the year to March 20, 2016, 220, individuals from 40 countries came to Iran, he elaborated that Iran intends to increase the figure by 20 percent each year.

The foundation's main responsibility is to develop Persian language and literature abroad and to synchronize and integrate the activities pertaining to this area with the aim of making optimal use of the capacities available in Iran and abroad.

Speaking about the foundation's beneficiaries and subjects of its activities, he said that at present 200 universities in the world have included Persian language and literature in their syllabus.

"The institution is responsible for providing foreign universities with Persian texts and resources and equip their libraries with Persian language sources."

Iranology and Orientalism are being taught in almost 200 universities in which students are obliged to choose from Turkish, Arabic, Hebrew and Persian language at the beginning of their last year of studies, he said, adding, "We focus on those who select Persian language."

In addition, those who are interested in learning Persian language can attend Persian classes in around 60 countries during eight semesters, he noted.

"With knowledge about the Persian language, students will become keen on reading leading works by Hafez, Sa'di and Molana and consequently will get familiar with ethical message, Islamic trainings and Iranian culture embedded in Persian poems."

Furthermore, following the inclination of foreign educational institutions to incorporate Persian in their high school syllabus, Persian language is currently being taught in high schools of Georgia, Armenia, Kyrgyzstan, Lebanon and Azerbaijan, he added.

Iran's Ministry of Science, Research And Technology biennially will dispatch 32 Persian language professors to teach the language in universities at the MA and PhD levels.

The establishment intends to send Persian language PhD students abroad to conduct BA courses, he said, noting that 25 Persian language professors were selected among those who received Persian language scholarship in Iran and were employed to teach the language outside Iran.

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