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Published: 0535 GMT October 19, 2016

Trump has no proof, but rigging elections is all-American: Analyst

Trump has no proof, but rigging elections is all-American: Analyst

US Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump has no proof that the Democratic National Committee (DNC) is stealing the 2016 election from him, says political analyst and activist Myles Hoenig, but “rigging elections is all-American.”

Over the last week, Trump has intensified his criticism of the American electoral system. He called the election process rigged, and said the media is colluding with Clinton in order to beat him.

He has questioned the legitimacy of the US elections, saying that he believed the vote was already being "rigged" at many polling places.

Myles Hoenig told Press TV on Wednesday that “Trump has absolutely no proof that Hillary Clinton and the DNC will rig and steal the election, but that doesn’t mean it won’t happen. Rigging elections is all-American!”

“Stephen Lendman, writer and political commentator, goes back to 1820 to show how long ago this practice has been in use. In many of our living memories, we can go back to the Kennedy theft of the 1960 election against Nixon and of course the more recent election that was rigged for George W. Bush in Florida,” he added.  

“Hillary Clinton, as proven by WikiLeaks but long suspected by Sanders’s supporters, clearly manipulated everything from the actual ballots (gone missing) to media support in providing questions in advance to her at debates,” he stated.

The whistleblowing WikiLeaks website has published thousands of hacked emails belonging to the DNC and some of Clinton’s aides.  

The emails revealed that the DNC undermined the primary campaign of Senator Bernie Sanders and helped Clinton clinching the nomination.

The 9th batch, which included damning emails from Clinton’s campaign manager John Podesta, was released on Sunday. It shed more light on the mechanics of her campaign, as well as her time as the secretary of state.

Hoenig said the establishment of both Democratic and Republican Parties fears that the talk of rigging “would create chaos and mistrust of the final results.”

‘Everything is at stake tonight’s debate’

“The ensuing chaos is questionable but the mistrust is already there. With tonight being the final debate and no holds barred, the fireworks expected would make the 4th of July look like the dead of winter! In the audience, as guests of Trump, is to be Barack Obama’s half brother as well as the mother of a Benghazi victim, who has accused Clinton of murdering her son,” the analyst said.

“The last debate didn’t rattle the Clinton’s much with Bill Clinton’s accusers of his sexual predation in the audience, but everything is at stake tonight,” he explained.

“The Democratic and Republican establishments are clearly behind Clinton, as she would be best to carry out a neo-liberal, anti-environmental, imperial agenda. Even if the election is proven to be rigged, it is highly unlikely that these leaders will do anything to rectify it,” he noted.

“The Democrats were silent when George W. Bush rigged the election in Florida so out of mutual respect for each other’s minimal hold on the electorate’s sense of fair play, will likely give the Democrats a pass, too,” the activist said in his concluding remarks.

Clinton and Trump will take to the stage in Las Vegas tonight for the final debate in a bitter race for the White House.

Polls suggest that Trump is lagging badly behind as Clinton is widening her lead nationally. A recent survey shows the former secretary of state is leading by 9 percentage points, 47 percent to 38 percent.

However, Trump has rejected such polls as fabricated by media outlets and organizations which want to elect Clinton as president at any cost.

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